Dark Web Monitoring for Business: Everything You Need to Know

Dark Web Monitoring for Business

Protecting your organization from cyber threats is not a new aspect when it comes to operating your business. Cybercrime has been a primary threat to companies of all sizes for quite some time. During that time, cybersecurity has been developed to block criminals from sneaking in via a digital back door.

More recently, efforts have shifted from simple protection to proactive measures. By applying Dark Web monitoring for business entities, companies and organizations can create more specific protection against more specific threats. Let’s take a look at how this process works.

Dark Web Monitoring for Business: Tracking Your Organization’s Information on the Dark Web

There are various levels and areas to search, interact with, and gather information from on the Internet. The Surface Web represents where most individuals, businesses, organizations, and others interact and work. Social media, commerce, and general day-to-day activities on the Internet occur on the Surface Web.

Next is the Deep Web. This area is vast and represents much of the background for the Internet. The Deep Web is where informational databases, password dumps, and backing systems for the Surface Web all operate here. Although the Deep Web is not as visible, it is also mainly harmless.

In the confines of the Deep Web lurks the Dark Web. Infamous as cyber stomping grounds for criminals and criminal activity, the Dark Web is home to malware and viruses designed to breach personal and financial information.

If you visit the Dark Web, you’ll need to prepare accordingly for the onslaught of cyber hacks heading your way. But, even if you aren’t surfing the Dark Web, there is a possibility your organization’s vital information is being compiled and compromised.

Cyber attacks are often in the planning stages within the Dark Web. Criminal operations can hinge on how well a company can protect itself.

By shifting actions against cybercrime from protection to proactive monitoring and action, companies are now able to improve their level of security. Tracking your company’s mentions on the Dark Web, receiving alerts to planned attacks and implementing countermeasures against potential cyber attacks can give businesses the upper hand.

ACID’s real-time AI-driven monitoring can identify potential threats to an organization and collect information on the attack planned against it before they materialize. This enables taking effective action to thwart the attack or mitigate the harm it can cause.

Dark Web Monitoring: Understanding the Process!

Knowing that many cybercriminals are operating on the Dark Web, ACID has developed a system for monitoring the areas where criminals lurk. Using AI algorithms and online bots, ACID can detect cyber attacks in their initial planning stages, and alert to imminent attacks.

After deploying these tracking systems and monitoring the Dark Web 24/7, businesses are sent regular updates in real time, which support their IT department in best defending against potential attacks. Since the system is fully automated and operates 24/7/365, there is no downtime and no potential for human error, so protection never rests, either.

Dark Web Monitoring: Essential Solutions

When monitoring the activities of criminals on the Dark Web, it’s important to focus not only on detection, but also on the impending attack. An alert without cyber-intelligence does not prepare you to develop a defense strategy. 

Threat Intelligence

Once a threat has been detected, it must be assessed to determine its relevance and severity. Proactive monitoring must also include proper threat intelligence to stay a step ahead of potential cybercrimes.

Threat Hunting

Systems that track and search for threats need to be able to consistently process information collected to help learn more about potential attacks. Managing information helps threat hunters to more effectively track their prey.

Integration into Security platforms

As the threats are identified and assessed, the system must communicate and integrate with the rest of the security system to maximize defensive efforts. Working as a security team offers the best defense and creates an even more powerful system of detection and action.

Faster Incident Response

Creating a network of AI bots to guard against cyber attacks helps everyone to be better prepared. Whether automated or directed by technicians, the response to an incident can be expedited when using the monitoring information as a tool.

Dark Web Monitoring: Risks to be Exposed

Companies and organizations can foresee potential attacks or breaches when successfully employing Dark Web monitoring. Security adaptations can be implemented as the system detects and identifies communications pertaining to illegal activities directed at a company.

The purpose of Dark Web monitoring is to report when a company is under direct attack and when adjacent or connected companies have been compromised.

Data breaches, leaks and exposures, identity theft and impersonations, ransom attacks and hijacking of business identities are some threats that can be avoided or mitigated through Dark Web monitoring.

Dark Web Monitoring: Is It Beneficial for Businesses?

When a business or organization is compromised, financial losses are just one of the concerns. When a company can’t operate due to a hack, it loses revenue and clientele, and sustains harm to its reputation. A stumble can lead to a huge fall in today’s fast-paced world.

This is why it’s so critical to protect organizations from digital pirates. Getting ahead of cyber commandeering attempts helps keep your boat afloat.

Common Methods Through Which Your Personal Information Can Be Stolen and Exposed on the Dark Web

  • Phishing- Emails or text messages impersonating legitimate institutions are sent out in an attempt to gather personal or confidential information.
  • Malware- Short for malicious software, malware is dispersed by cybercriminals to infiltrate and steal information slowly. Targets can range from unsuspecting individuals to large computer networks.
  • Screen Scraping- The process of screen scraping captures the text or pictures displayed on a screen. For instance, if a login or password is displayed on a screen, it can be scraped up. Also, a page of confidential information can be captured and repurposed or sold to the highest bidder.
  • Insecure Network- If a network has been compromised or has a weakened security system, hackers can access and steal information as it is processed through the site.
  • Keylogging- Logging the keystrokes on a keyboard as they are entered for a site or network allows hackers to monitor and steal valuable information.
  • Vulnerabilities- Hackers regularly look for weaknesses in computer security systems or certain types of software. Once identified, cybercriminals will add code or create bots to exploit my information from these weak spots.

What Are the Risks of Your Critical Information Leaking on the Dark Web?

When a company is hacked and its valuable information is leaked to the Dark Web, it risks exposing confidential client information. Businesses must be much more diligent and proactive towards these risks to help assure clients that their assets or data are safe.

How to Protect Your Business From Threats on the Dark Web?

Threats from cyberspace are constant and ever-evolving. Cybercrime is a big business for many, so the incentives to become better at hacking are financially increasing, too. This means that businesses and organizations must become equally equipped to resist these increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Develop a Cybersecurity Culture

One of the most effective methods of increased diligence is education. If a team is more aware of which shape threats take or where they may originate, there is a greater chance of avoiding hacker pitfalls altogether.

Protect All Critical Areas of a Business

Developing an impervious front door while ignoring a faulty side entrance isn’t effective security. As mentioned, hackers and bots search for vulnerabilities. You might not think it’s an obvious spot, but malware analyzes every nook and cranny. If an area of a business is left exposed, cybercrime will exploit it.

Implement Identity Management Tools

Phishing and cyber-related scams often rely on old or outdated credentials to access a system. Using identity management tools, unauthorized logins or password attempts are flagged, access points are strengthened by regularly implementing credential management, and proper identities can be confirmed through multi-party verification systems.

Effective Dark Web Monitoring for Businesses

Effective Dark Web monitoring helps the organization stay ahead of cybercriminals. Predictive threat management, based on the communications of the Dark Web, helps keep companies in a position of action instead of reaction.

How to Achieve Threat Protection with ACID’s Dark Web Monitoring Services

Dark Web monitoring represents a new adaptive strategy against hackers and cybercrime. Implementing a system that scans the Dark Web for suspicious activity and digital mentions can assist companies in effectively avoiding computerized victimization.

ACID offers state-of-the-art solutions for Dark Web monitoring for business and organizational needs. Predictive and proactive measures can stop criminals in their tracks. Contact ACID today for a complete demo or to learn more about how the system works to protect your interests.

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