ACID Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems Protection

Tailored Monitoring & Real-Time Alerts to Keep Your Critical Infrastructures and Industrial Control System Safe 

In recent years, critical infrastructures and industrial control systems (ICS) have become a geopolitical battleground. Explaining the appeal of industrial control systems (ICS) as prime targets, a Security Week article published in 2020 stated that 45% of Fortune 2000 companies rely on ICS networks for their daily running, in sectors that include water, electricity, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceuticals and more. The remaining 55% rely on ICS for basic needs such as transportation, illumination, HVAC systems, etc. 

Where is the threat? Why is it important to eliminate it?

Attacks carried out by cybercriminals on critical infrastructures and ICS are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated. They disrupt operation, can shut down interconnected systems serving large, widely distributed populations, and even endanger lives. Some threat intelligence agencies have been known to classify attacks on critical infrastructures as an open declaration of war, similar to traditional military attacks. 

Critical infrastructures and industrial networks are an appealing target also because they are not only ubiquitous, but have extremely long lifecycles – many have been operational for 35 years or more. While these are connected to IT systems for automation and inputs, they lack the necessary security controls. The introduction of  Internet of Things (IoT) technology further increases vulnerabilities.

Given the potential severe, widespread harm that can potentially result from cyberattacks on critical infrastructures and ICS, properly protecting them is a mission of the highest priority.

ACID's Critical Infrastructure and ICT Security Solutions Protect Your Business

Continuous AI-enhanced threat detection and monitoring for real-time alerts 
 ACID’s critical infrastructure and ICT security solutions are designed to elevate the level of security through 24/7/365 monitoring of a wide and diverse range of sources, with the aim of detecting threats directed against them as soon as they emerge. By providing real-time alerts to the targeted organization, ACID increases the TTM (time to mitigate), enabling taking action to thwart the attack or mitigate its consequences. Continued monitoring allows collecting additional valuable information and updating the intended target, to further assist in tailoring the response to the characteristics of the threat.

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