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Cyber security solutions for threat prevention and medical data protection

ACID’s Healthcare Cyber Security Solutions

Enable your team to take action before threats materialize as full-blown attacks!

Let ACID help keep your medical data secure with its healthcare information security solutions. 21st-century medical data storage and medical transactions have shifted from paper to electronic systems. This has led to a new set of security challenges for healthcare organizations. Keeping patient data and medical records secure is now increasingly difficult with the rising risk of cyberattacks, and particularly ransomware attacks, for which hospital and patient records are considered a highly attractive targets. Cyber criminals are also very well aware of the fact that healthcare institutions’ security systems are in many cases deficient, and that they cannot risk their patients’ lives by delaying the ransom payment – making them easy prey.

Cyber criminals carry out ransomware attacks on healthcare institutions and utilize data to generate fake medical bills and obtain health loans in a patient’s name. Cybersecurity for healthcare providers helps organizations meet the critical need to protect medical information and thus also maintain patient trust and increase business. Medical cybersecurity measures are implemented to:


What are the Benefits of Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions?

Data Breach Detection

Cybersecurity solutions protect data

Cybersecurity for Healthcare providers allows you to safeguard data and prevent malicious parties from accessing it, ensuring that only authorized individuals can do so. It also helps

identify security gaps and systems requiring enhanced protection. Safeguarding medical data first and foremost enables healthcare organizations to operate smoothly and best serve their patients, while preserving their reputation and avoiding financial loss.


Safeguard your organization 365 days a year

Cyberattacks can occur at any moment, as cybercriminals are active 24/7/365. Adopting robust healthcare cybersecurity solutions protects your organization’s data and systems year-round, including after work hours and on weekends and holidays: 365 days a year of medical cybersecurity with comprehensive data and systems protection.


Secure telemedicine

Medical cybersecurity helps your organization detect threats targeting your system or network from remote devices or systems. Many healthcare organizations work with individuals using IoT devices, through which a hacker can potentially access the central or host server.


Protection for your executives, staff, and patients

To supplement technological cybersecurity solutions, healthcare organizations would be well-advised to provide their employees with cybersecurity awareness training also covering  common cyber threats, such as ransomware, DoS attacks, and phishing.

Regulatory compliance

Dedicated cybersecurity solutions reduce risks associated with data storage on the cloud, third-party providers, and remote devices, to ensure compliance with HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

What are the Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges?


In ransomware attacks targeting the healthcare system, hackers gain control of the healthcare provider’s system, encrypt patient data and prevent medical staff from accessing it, as well as from operating medical equipment, until a ransom is paid. To regain access to the medical data and control of the system, these institutions must pay large amounts of money within a specified period of time. Ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry place patients’ lives at risk, disrupt the provision of medical care, and severely impact the medical institution’s financial status and reputation. 


Phishing is among the most popular cyberattacks, in which individuals receive malicious links that appear to be safe. Once an individual clicks on the link, their system becomes infected, and attacks spread to other connected systems. Phishing attacks compromise personal information, including social security numbers and patient history.

DoS Attack

DoS is the acronym for Denial of Service. Such cyber attacks allow hackers to prevent users from accessing their digital assets for a short or extended period of time. The hacker floods a system or network with numerous requests, rendering it inaccessible. The Internet-connected systems at this point often receive traffic from multiple sources; blocking a single source will not solve the problem. 

SQL Injection Attack

SQL or Structured Query Language injection is an attack in which hackers generate malicious SQL queries that hack the database server. The hackers utilize the data-entry fields to inject SQL statements that may appear harmless online forms. Through these attacks, hackers can manipulate data or leak critical information. In SQL Injection attacks, cybercriminals can also gain direct access to data through validation processes of web applications. Hackers can modify, transfer, and delete data from the database!


“MEDJACK” stands for medical device hijack. In such attacks, the hacker targets medical devices interconnected with applications. Cybercriminals can access or steal critical data when such integrations are not well-protected. Hijacking a medical device is also harmful because it can remain undetected for months while covertly revealing personal information, including planned healthcare procedures and names.

How can ACID help your healthcare organization?

ACID is your trusted healthcare information security partner, protecting your sensitive data, ecosystem and reputation, and supporting smooth business continuity. ACID’s state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions help healthcare organizations maintain a high level of security by alerting them to attacks being planned against them, before these attacks are launched. The advance alert allows them to initiate targeted countermeasures to foil the attack or mitigate its consequences. As more information becomes available through constant monitoring by ACID, it is immediately passed on, to enable the organization to further enhance its response.

ACID experts benefit from industry-proven expertise in addressing sizable risks associated with the healthcare industry. We help a diverse range of healthcare providers comply with security regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR. We provide year-round protection against cyber threats, supporting your organization’s smooth operation. For more details on cybersecurity for healthcare, contact our experts today!