What is the Role of Web Intelligence Software in the Healthcare Industry?


Web intelligence services play a pivotal role in healthcare by providing real-time insights into attacks. This allows healthcare organizations to take proactive measures, thwart attacks, and avoid potential harm.

Often touted as the most valuable cyber security service, Web intelligence is one of the most useful tools for healthcare organizations. This service provides early detection of potential attacks on numerous sources and platforms. It also provides detailed, real-time alerts that enable healthcare organizations to take action and mitigate the consequences of a breach.

The current state of Healthcare Web Intelligence 

Despite the benefits Web intelligence programs offer their clients, many healthcare organizations have not yet subscribed to these services. Healthcare organizations are often inundated with data, yet may not be aware of the capabilities of Web intelligence programs to safeguard that information. As a result, they do not realize how these services can improve their overall security posture.

Another reason for which healthcare organizations have not subscribed to comprehensive intelligence services is the perceived cost. Many healthcare organizations operate on thin margins and may not have the budget to invest in new technology.

However, the benefits can dramatically outweigh the expense, taking into consideration the potentially crippling direct and indirect costs of a data breach. 

Enhanced risk management

Cyber criminals continuously seek and develop new methods of attack, hoping to overcome any protective mechanisms that healthcare institutions may have in place, and penetrate their systems. Continuous monitoring of multiple sources, including those that cyber criminals often favor when planning attacks, enables detecting threats of attacks and collecting information about them, even before they materialize. Such threats can originate either outside the organization, or within it. Information about specific attacks planned or waged against an organization raises its awareness and increases its vigilance to new developments. The organizations can then take this information into account in their risk management process, better protect their systems and data, and reduce the risk of disruption to their  operation. 

Web Intelligence helps keep patient data secure

Cyber criminals often wage attacks in order to steal sensitive patient data, as well as information about treatment protocols, and more. Detecting threats of such attacks and providing details on them enables healthcare organizations to eliminate the vulnerability and thwart the attack, or limit its scope.

How ACID protects the healthcare industry

ACID’s services are instrumental in enhancing the level of security and protecting the healthcare industry from cyber threats.

ACID Intelligence and Healthcare

ACID Intelligence is a Web Intelligence platform which provides:

Tailored threat detection

ACID Intelligence performs client-specific, AI-enhanced monitoring 24/7/365. It uses keywords relevant to the organization in order to produce the most precise results. ACID thus helps organizations stay ahead of the curve with respect to ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Wide coverage

ACID Intelligence monitors multiple and diverse sources, providing extremely wide coverage. These include the clear, deep and dark web; paste tools; dump sites; leak sites; social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, Weibo; and chats: IRC web chat, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp and WeChat. This wide coverage greatly increases the chances of detecting threats in their very initial stages.

Actionable, real-time alerts

ACID alerts you in real time to any detected threat of attack targeting your organization, and provides you with actionable information that will enable you to prepare and implement effective countermeasures. It continues monitoring the detected threat, sending you updates as more details become available. The accumulated valuable information allows you to fine-tune your response in order to mitigate the harmful consequences of the impending attack, or foil it. As it does you, it also continues monitoring all other sources, not only for more details of the threat already detected, but also of potential additional ones.


Threat intelligence services can greatly benefit the healthcare industry by helping it keep its sensitive data and systems secure and maintain its smooth operation. Through 24/7/365 tailored monitoring of multiple sources and platforms aimed at detecting the first hint of a threat, it alerts the targeted organization in real-time, thus increasing its TTM (time to mitigate). Using the precise information ACID provides, it can implement effective countermeasures to prevent the attack from taking place or mitigate its harmful impact. Thus, ACID helps healthcare organizations treat their patients with little or no disruption and avoid potentially disastrous financial and reputational harm. Contact ACID today to learn more about how our threat intelligence services can help your healthcare organization.

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